Product and process development

We perform FEA (Finite Element Simulations) analysis to predict the mechanical properties and behavior of parts. Able to manufacture functional parts at one-time level in really short terms. High automation in all manufacturing processes.

Materials development

Kautenik has many references of rubber compounds, each has been developed to fulfil the necessary specifications (DBL, ASTM ...).
Kautenik is capable of creating new references of rubber compounds, adapting to the needs of each project and client.


We have high-precision equipment, necessary for the development of products and therefore, be able to meet the needs of our customers.

Leartiker logo

In the research area we collaborate with Leartiker technology center, experts in polymer technology.

The lines developed by Kautenik in collaboration with Leartiker are:

Elastomers, absortion and persistence of vibrations ,elastomeric rubber and thermoplastics, structural vibration damping, characterization and digitization of dynamic properties and fatigue and advanced material modeling.